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CONNEX Spring Pins


CONNEX Spring Pins are made of high grade chrome-vanadium AISI 6150 spring steel. The versatile CONNEX Spring Pin can replace both solid and straight-slotted counterparts due to the distinct design. The following advantages make the CONNEX Spring Pin known as a problem solver by its end users:

  • High seating capacity based on the CONNEX Principle
  • Bridging of bore hole and axle-clearance tolerances
  • Solid pin advantages without the assembly issues of solid pins
  • Improved precision with the ground design
  • Reduced chance of jamming in automatic feeds
  • Better roundness thanks to the slot design enables it to be used as an axle
  • Simple assembly and dis-assembly

Tangential Force is the Key!

The combination of the radial-acting spring force and the tangential force produced by the toothed slot increases the contact pressure between the pin bore and the pin. That pressure is why you buy a spring pin!


Designed and Manufactured for the Most Demanding Applications!


Close Tolerances

High Quality Spring Steel

  • On customer request
  • Ground OD option adds even more precision
  • Chrome-vanadium-AISI 6150 steel
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel available (metric sizes only)

Higher Seating Capacity

Higher Resistance to Wear and Tear

  • Resists vibration

Manufactured in ISO 9001 Facility

Easier to assemble and remove

  • Ideal for automatic feeds
  • Save on lower-tolerances bores