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CONNEX Spring Bushings - Examples of Usage



Hydraulic Excavator Bucket

Excavator Shovel with discharge plate


CONNEX Spring Bushings, made from chrome-vanadium spring steel, are highly resistant to wear, particularly in high pivot sections. When necessary, they are easily replaced on-site.

Pivot bushings of earth moving equipment are subjected to heavy loads. They must be wear resistant and easily replaced. CONNEX Spring Bushings are the solution, since they are made from wear resistant spring steel. The CONNEX design ensures a good carrying and improved seating capacity in the housing bore.

CONNEX Spring Pins are suitable for securing the bucket teeth!

Chain Conveyor


Remote Controlled Coupling on Tractor


A steel bushing is needed to prevent wear for this mechanical conveyor linkage. The dry running bearing surface needs a high wear resistant steel. CONNEX Spring Bushings, produced from AISI 6150, provide the solution. Since they are replaceable, CONNEX Spring Bushings will extend the life of the chain.

To improve the life of cast iron units, CONNEX Spring Bushings are used. When used in combination with hardened bolts, a bearing application is performed without lubrication in an abrasive surrounding. The result is an extended functional life.


Designed to be a wear part, CONNEX Spring Bushings can keep costly down time to a minimum with its ease of replacement.