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CONNEX Spring Bushings


Special Options

CONNEX Spring Bushings are available in many common sizes. However, if you need something special, we may be able to produce it. Whether it's more precision you're looking for, or specific groove/hole placement, we are able to accommodate almost all requests. We will work relentlessly to satisfy your specific needs when possible.

Form 3 Bushing:

For a more precision fit, the CONNEX Form 3 Spring Bushing, with it's fine tuned ID is what you will need. Still made of AISI 6150, this bushing will provide a better fit in the ID for your shaft or bolt.

Form 3 Bushing Sizes

Special Features:

We offer a wide variety of special features, from OD Grease Grooves to ID Grease Grooves to specific Grease Hole placement. For more information on any special feature, please contact us directly so we can accommodate your needs.