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CONNEX Spring Pins



CONNEX Spring Pins Material:

AISI 6150 Spring Steel or AISI 301 Stainless Steel (available only in metric sizes up to 12mm diameter - manufactured by our sister company, CONNEX AG, Switzerland)


Chemical Analysis:


AISI 6150 Chrome-Vanadium Spring Steel According to DIN 1.8159

AISI 301 Stainless Steel According to DIN 1.4310









0.47 - 0.55%

0.70 - 1.10%

0.90 - 1.20%

0.10 - 0.20%

0.15 - 0.40%

0.035% max

0.035% max








0.12% max

2.00% max

0.045% max

0.03% max

1.5% max

16 - 18%

6 - 9%

CONNEX Spring Pins of material AISI 6150, DIN 1.8159 are hardened through to a Rockwell HRC of 42 to 50.

Click here for the Hardness Comparison Table

Surface Protection

CONNEX Spring Pins made of material AISI 6150 are supplied with a lightly oiled black surface. Ground CONNEX Spring Pins are lightly oiled with a bright surface. CONNEX Spring Pins made of material AISA 301 stainless steel have an untreated surface.

Special Surface Protection

Special surface protection demands can be met through phosphatising zinc flake coating or electroplating. A possible reduction in shear strength, as well as the danger of hydrogen embrittlement must be taken into consideration. A customer doing their own surface protection should be cautious of this factor.


Shear Resistance

Shear Resistance and Material Strength

The CONNEX measurement tables give minimum shear fracture values under static loading and temperatures up to 600 degrees F. The values apply to pins of the material AISI 6150. The engineer can choose the required safety factor based on his specific loading and environment conditions. The measurement table is available upon request.

Single Shear Test

Double Shear Test

Double Shear Application in Practice

Shear Values of the Different Pin Materials

  • Ground Heavy CONNEX Spring Pins of material AISI 6150 according to DIN 1.8159 have shear values that are approximately 25% lower than Standard Heavy CONNEX Spring Pins.
  • Heavy CONNEX Spring Pins of material AISI 301 according to DIN 1.4310 have shear values that are approximately 25% lower than Ground Heavy CONNEX Spring Pins.
  • Pins with electroplating have shear values that are approximately 35% lower than non-plated CONNEX Spring Pins.

Establishing Shear Values

Shear values given in the CONNEX measurement tables were established using single or double shear testing devices as indicated in the diagrams. They apply to pins made of material AISI 6150, DIN 1.8159. The parts of the shearing device were hardened.

In comparison to the application of spring pins in practice, shear tests in the laboratory are carried out under ideal conditions. There is only minimum play between the shear block and side pieces so the pin to be sheared does not undergo additional bending stress.